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Killing for the Crown

Backstabbing, Bribery and Blackmail Among Beauties

Guest Info

All the information and “how-to”s to help you become pageant-ready before your debut at the pre-pageant party!

Brush Up on Your Beauty Queen Tricks

Check out theses clips to make sure that you have all the beauty queen aspects mastered for this beauty pageant murder mystery game!

Strike the perfect pose

Learning the two pageant walks

How to do the beauty queen wave

Smile with sincerity

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A How-To Guide on Winning Pageants

Check out these tips to improve your chances at the competition! (Just for fun, of course!)

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Make Your Own Sash

Directions and templates for your sash. Click Here

Directions on how to sew your own sash. Click here.

Tiaras. Tiaras. Tiaras.

Order a personalized tiara. Click here.
Make your own tiara. Click here. Or here.


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Don’t Forget Your Make-Up – Tutorial Here

From Miss America 2011

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Where to find that perfect pageant dress.

Where to Find That Perfect Pageant Dress for this Beauty Pageant Murder Mystery Game

• Use (or borrow a friend’s) old bridesmaid’s dress

• Scour the second hand shops and garage sales

• Try the clearance racks in a department store right after a high school dance

• Dress up any outfit or gown by adding beading, cording, fancy fabrics, fringe, etc.

• Not the right color? Take a can of spray paint to the dress.

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An Updo How-To

Click below for steps on how to create your perfect hairstyle for your perfect pageant hair!

French Twist 
Loose Waves 
Star Fire Pony
Braid Bun

FOR MORE IDEAS on the perfect hair, see this link.

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Make Your Own Sash

Directions and templates for your sash. Click Here

Tiaras. Tiaras. Tiaras.

Order a personalized tiara. Click here.
Make your own tiara. Click here. Or here.


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Don’t Forget Your Make-Up – Tutorial Here

From Miss America 2011

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Decoration Ideas

Decorations to help deck out your place for the pre-pagent party!!!

In and Around The Party Space

Roll out the red carpet! Nothing but glamour for these beauties!
– Consider adding a banner and/or red rope with stanchions to make it official.
– Where to buy a red carpet.
– How to make red rope with stanchions here.
– Where to buy stanchions with red rope.

• Have your guests enter through a VIP entrance!
‘VIP Entrance’ sign (included with the mystery)

• How about a balloon arch to honor the beauties? It’s easier than it seems!
– How-to make a balloon arch.
– Where to find an inexpensive arch.

• Create a luminary walkway for the guests as they approach the party.

• Download and print off pictures of other beauty queen winners and hang them on the wall. (Included with mystery purchase.)
– For added effect, put them in frames.
– You can spray paint the frames gold for an extra touch!

• Cut or punch out star shapes out of gold or silver cardstock. Hang them from the ceiling with fishing line or create garland by sewing them together.

• Hang signs for the different areas, “backstage,” “judges lounge,” etc. (Included with the mystery.)

• Create a “Pageant Powder Room”.
– Within the powder room, include goodie basket for last-minute touch-ups and freshening up throughout the night. Ideas for items to place in your goodie basket: body glitter, hairspray, nail polish, glitzy eye shadow, compacts, and costume jewelry (found inexpensively at your local Goodwill or re-sale shop). (Sign for the powder room included with the mystery.)

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Picking a Color Scheme

Three popular color schemes for your party may be gold, white, silver and/or pink.

To pull the color scheme through to your whole space consider the following:

• When decorating a large area or to make an area look more intimate and festive, consider draping pink, white, silver or gold gossamer across the ceiling, walls, and edges of the tablecloth. Combine two colors for a fabulous appearance.

• A little spray paint can go a long, long way. Spray paint novelty items, vases, old wine bottles, etc. to help bring out the color theme and add inexpensive decoration to your party.

• Have a tablecloth—whether plastic or fabric – the colors of your choice.

• Accentuate your tablecloth with the alternative color by using paint pens or fabric paint to paint on decorative accents.

Using Fabric

There are many ways you could use “fancy” or colorful fabric to decorate:

• Drape brightly colored fabric on the walls like banners.

• Make a table runner, table cloth and/or napkins.

• Drape over furniture.

• Create decorative pillows.

• Tie to the back of a chair.Places to find fancy fabrics inexpensively:
– Searching clearance bins at fabric stoes
– Second hand shops
– The fabric section at Walmart

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Create a Photo Spot!

Give your guests an unforgettable souvenier by setting up a photo area where they can capture a picture of themselves in character.

A few suggestions:

• Pick a place where there will be good lighting.

• You can make it as elaborate or simple as you want.

• Accessories and decorations can make the difference. Have some extra props on hand that your guests can pose with.

• An easy way to create a background is to use a “scene setter.” These affordable rolls of images transform your room instantly and make for a good backdrop to your picture.

• Use props like a red carpet, tiaras, boas, lavish chairs, anything you can think of, to create a staged area for pictures.

• Make sure there is enough room to fit everyone in to the frame.

• For individual shots of guests, designate someone to be in charge of pictures as your guests arrive.
— Consider your character list and which character would fit the role of taking the picture. Ie, if you want mug shots, perhaps ask the investigator to be in charge of taking the pictures.

• For a group picture, take one just before the introduction is read or right after the solution is read (before people may start heading out).
— These are two times when you can count on everyone being around and attentive.

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Setting the Scene

Looking for decoration inspiration for your party? Here’s a video to help!
Click below to start!


Food & Music

How to feed your backstabbing beauties at the party!

A Meal to Remember

One option is to serve a number of pink delicacies! Pink champagne, pink lemonade, pink popcorn, pink maccaroons, etc. You name it. Check out this website for more ideas and recipes for pink food.

Serve food and drinks from each of the states — Mississippi Mud Pies, Texas Toothpicks, Alaskan Salmon Cakes, Alabama Slammers, Californian Wine, you get the picture.
– For a potluck, have each of the girls/women bring a dish from their “home state.”

These are health conscience beauty queens! Serve everything in smaller portions (of course they can eat just as much!). Mini cupcakes, cocktail weiners, finger sandwiches, etc. Any bite size food will do. Present each of the foods on a little doily to add elegance.

These pageant beauties are probably sick of dieting for their big day. Serve an array of fattening (but delicious) foods.


Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, Smithfield ham, New England Clam chowder, apple pie. Foods that this country is known for.

• Top your cupcakes with some “crowning moments” (pictured below). Cupcake toppers included with the mystery purchase.

• Take any cake and add a butcher knife with some red food gel to add a murderous appeal!

• All it takes are some tiaras, and you have turned any cake (or cupcakes) into a themed dessert for your blushing beauties!

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Setting Your Table

• Construct one long table for dinner. Use a brightly colored or metallic piece of fabric for a runner.

• Drape table with gossamer and put white twinkle brghts underneath to illuminate.

• Decorate the table runner with gold fabric paint.

• Include gold- or silver-toned plastic plates, cups and plastic/silverware.

• Purchase gold colored plastic cups and hot glue fake jewels to the outside of the cups.

• Have decorative napkins held together by elaborate (costume) jewelry.

• Finish off by tying a tulle or other fabric bow onto each chair.

• Use a centerpiece of white roses (fake or real) in a clear vase filled with sparkly gems or beads.

• Spray paint decorative vases and use them as centerpieces. Add flowers or lights to highlight them.

• Make your own placecards with designs included in the mystery packet (pictured below).

• Display your menu for everyone to see or have it at each place setting. (Menu template included with package.)

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Click on the image to get to our Spotify Playlist for this party!

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All of the information regarding how to run your Killing For The Crown party can be found online at Night of Mystery. We highly suggest that you take time to look over our website and download the Killing For The Crown preview file. Upon reading the introduction file of this beauty pageant murder mystery game, it will give you a better understanding about how the parties are run and what to expect once you purchase a full mystery file.

If you still have question, the Frequently Asked Questions page at Night of Mystery is a great resource or you can contact us.
Since our games are custom written for the size of the party (ie, we don’t just create a mystery with 8 characters and then keep adding more characters to it), each mystery size is unique unto itself. That being said, going from 10-15 version to 15-20 version, will not only add in more characters, but it will change the storylines of the existing characters, and vice-versa in going from a larger version to a smaller one.

Because of this, WE STRONGLY SUGGEST you get a guest count before formally ordering. You can do so by downloading an invitation, inviting your guests and then purchasing your mystery once you have a more accurate number of people attending. Unfortunately, if you find yourself purchasing the wrong sized party, you will have to purchase another version of the mystery for the size you want unless you are moving from the 15-20 version to the 20+ version.
You can download an invitation here before ordering.
Provide an assortment of accessories to help your guests “get into character” including: tiaras, sashes, wigs, fake eyelashes, hair glitter, outrageous make-up, etc.!
For even more party planning ideas, check out our Killing For The Crown Pinterest Board here. It is s filled with ideas for recipes, costumes, decorations, etc. for the perfect Killing For The Crown party!

Once you order, in your mystery packet you will receive directions and/or printables to make unique and original decorations specific to your party!

Included will be:
• SIGNS (4 designs)

Each month we highlight one of our customers who has posted on our blog and award them a FREE party!

To get your $5 coupon AND be entered in the Party Of the Month contest for a chance to win a FREE party, please email nompartyofthemonth@gmail.com

Don’t forget to add all the important details and party highlights that made your party one to remember! We love to hear about all of the hard work you, as host, put into your party. From the decor, to the food, costumes, whatever. As well as how you and your guests acted (and reacted!) throughout the night! Everything that made your party one your guests will never forget — tell us about it! And be sure to attach some pictures!!!

Upon submitting, we will email you back a coupon to use for $5 off your next party AND enter you in our “Party of the Month” contest, where you could win a FREE party! One submitted, you will not have to resubmit, but will be entered EVERY MONTH until your party wins!

Check out some of our past winners here! Night of Mystery POM Blogs

Thanks again for hosting with Night of Mystery and we can’t wait to hear all about your party!!!

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