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Guests Arrive at Party in Character

Each guest receives a detailed character description in their invitation along with some background information on the party.

How To Play


Host Reads an Introduction to the Party

This explains how the night is to proceed.


Guests receive a Prepared Envelope with Information and Objectives

Guests start mingling and verbally sleuthing as they enjoy the party.

How To Play


Murder Occurs!

How To Play


Investigator Reads A Short Synopsis of How to Proceed

Guests get more info and objectives and continue sleuthing as party continues.


Investigator Presents Evidence

Guests review evidence before making final accusations.

How To Play


Host Hands Out Accusation Sheets

Guests guess the murderer and vote for the best dressed, best acting, etc.


Murderer is Revealed

Investigator reads explanation and host hands out awards. That's it! No pencils. No scripts. No complicated process. And a "real live murder" at the party! The murder is solved by mingling and sleuthing, allowing everyone to participate fully to the extent that they feel comfortable doing so. This sets the stage for much spontaneity and insures every party is kept lively!

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Simple VS. Elaborate Party

Never fear! Night of Mystery parties can be as simple or over-the-top as you want them to be. As host, it is up to you on how much you would like to “set the mood,” if you want to at all!

Here are some ways you can see how hosts chose to play out their Night of Mystery

Either way, Night of Mystery parties will make you a host to remember - no matter how much you add to the mystery party!

Hosting Checklist

  • Decide on theme!!!

    Send out save the date postcards or emails.
    • Remember, people’s calendars book up fast, especially around Halloween and the holiday season!

    Start researching ideas for party (this will get you excited for party)
    Be sure to check out:
    • The “Party Tips” section on the mystery pages
    • The Night of Mystery Pinterest Page


  • Send out initial invitation
    • One can be downloaded from site before purchasing.

    Set an RSVP date of 2-3 weeks before party — you want to give people time to plan their costume.

    If you know you are going to have more than 20 people, you can go ahead and order the party (20+ version.) If you are unsure of guest count, you will want to wait until you have accurate guest count.

  • Get RSVP count for party

    Order correct party (do this as soon as you know your correct guest count)

    Assign each of your rsvp’d guest a character role
    • Send out character invitations (either via email, through post or handing out).

    Book party space (if needed)

    Plan decorations for the party
    • Make a checklist of all the supplies you will need to make decorations (if applicable).
    • Utilize the “printables” section for many of your decorations!
    • Purchase decorations (and check them off your checklist).


    Plan food for your party
    • Try to plan as much food that you can make ahead of time and will not have to prepare the day of.
    • Any foods that you can make and freeze (or purchase frozen) and then set out (or reheat) the day of are perfect!
    • Limiting foods that require silverware is also suggested. Think finger sandwiches, chicken wings, hors d’oerves, etc.
    • Consider using a crockpot or chafing dish the night of the party to keep food warm over a long period of time.
    • See the “Party Tips” section on your mystery page to get themed ideas for your party menu!

    Plan music for party.

    Get your own costume!

  • Print out the pieces that you will need:
    • objective sheets (all characters)
    • solution
    • intro
    • investigation
    • evidence
    • tally sheet(s)
    • accusation forms
    • nametags
    • fake money (if not purchased from someplace else)


    Plan for your awards
    • You can print out certificates from the packet and/or purchase your own.
    • Print out your certificates


    Assemble the party materials
    • Follow directions to insert pieces of party into envelopes.
    • Place all materials in a box or large envelope that can be easily accessed the night of the party.
    • If using additional printables (signs, wine labels, etc), print out and assemble, if needed.

  • Go shopping for food for your party.

    Make sure you have all the decorations you need and, if not, get them!

  • Start decorating for your party! Set out all that you can ahead of time.

    Prepare any food ahead of time that you can.

    Send reminder email to guests

  • Finish decorating.

    Prepare any last-minute food and/or drink.

    Set out materials (name tags, etc.) for guests.

    Get into costume.

    Have FUN! And relish in the mystery!