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Hasta que la muerte nos separe

A Night of Love, Marriage and MURDER!!!

Preparando el escenario

Your presence is requested to celebrate the union of Becky Giovanni to Stanley Simpson with a wedding reception you won’t soon forget.

As friends and family come together for a night of food and fun, it will quickly turn into a night of mystery and mayhem – leaving one of the guests murdered!

And you and your guests are left to solve the crime… 

Will it be the jealous ex-boyfriend who is to blame?
The father of the bride who opposed the marriage from the start?
Could it be the bridesmaid who longs
 to be a bride?
Or possibly the estranged uncle that has wasted away his family fortune?

As the night progresses, secrets will be revealed, motives exposed and your sleuthing skills will be put to the test.
What will you say when it is your turn to finger the culprit?


Información para invitados

Consejos para la fiesta

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Comida y música

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