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Terror en Transilvania

A Night of Terror and Turmoil in Transylvania!
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Preparando el escenario

All of the underworld is invited to Dracula’s Birthday Celebration!!!

As the members of the haunting and haunted gather at the desolate Transylvania castle, this will be an evening away from mortals where the supernatural community can come together to celebrate and carouse!

During the night of spooktacular fun, one of the party-goers will end up in a grave they have dug for themselves. Desperate to avoid becoming victims themselves, the ghoulish guests will seek out the culprit in their midst

Perhaps the murderer will be the bewitching witch with a cross to bear?
A mollified mummy who needs to keep things under wraps?
Or possibly a vindictive vampiress who was once bitten twice shy?

What lies ahead is a hauntingly complex night during which the spooky and the spirited collide to solve a vampire murder mystery designed to leave you spellbound.


We have a virtual version of this mystery that can be played in an online platform!
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vampire murder mystery

Información para invitados

Consejos para la fiesta

The details make all the difference! Here are all the tips you’ll need to host a vampire murder mystery to die for.

Ideas de disfraces

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Cómo crear la sensación de fiesta perfecta


Comida y música

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