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Asesinato en margarita

Una noche de crimen y caos en el Caribe.
**¡Versión virtual o presencial disponible!

Preparando el escenario

Somewhere in the tropics between the Port of Confusion and Bay of Disarray, you’ll find that murder meets mayhem and the intrigue begins!

While most vacation at Margaritaland, an exclusive tropical resort, to get away from their troubles, for one unfortunate soul, it will mean the end of their travels altogether.

Has the lottery winner’s luck run out? Will it be the bartender who has served his last drink? Is the honeymoon over for two lovebirds before it nearly began? Or will the stars collide for one Hollywood star?

At the resort, the guilty will mingle among the guests and everyone will be left with the task of deciphering between the facts and falsehoods that plague this paradise in order to make a killer pay for their crime.

The night itself will be a clever concoction of chaos, crime, and cocktails in the Carribean.

We have a virtual version of this Caribbean murder mystery that can be played in an online platform!

  • Be sure the “Virtual” button is selected when purchasing.
  • Download an intro file for the virtual version below in the versions section.

Caribbean Murder Mystery

Información para invitados

Consejos para la fiesta

The details make all the difference! Here are all the tips you’ll need to host a Caribbean murder mystery to die for.

Ideas de disfraces

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Comida y música

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