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A Night of Medieval Madness!


Preparando el escenario

A Night of Medieval Madness

A tournament of great celebration is planned to honor the noble marriage of Baron Bartholomew to Lady Diana of Dunnsberry in the manor of Fernwood.
As a resident of the manor, you are not only invited to be there, but your attendance is required by the request of your lord.

Whether it is to see knights jousting or to partake in the ale and entertainment, your business is your own… that is until you find yourself in the middle of a murder. 

With only one night to find the guilty, you will soon figure out that there is a lot more at stake, for murder in the manor is punishable by death.
Whether you are guilty or not, there will be others trying to finger you as the culprit as you try to find the real murderer, and only you can defend your innocence.
Who do you trust? Who will betray you before the night is through?
Everyone is a suspect and no one is safe in this mystery of medieval madness.

Be careful in attending. Your life will depend not only on your innocence, but your ability to defend it.


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Comida y música

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