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Reunión en el instituto Murder

Será una reunión que no olvidará... ¡si es que vive para contarlo!

¡Es la reunión de la clase de James D. Murder High!

Has recorrido un largo camino en los últimos treinta años y también lo han hecho tus compañeros de clase. Es hora de reunirte con tus viejos amigos (y enemigos) para ver en qué se ha convertido cada uno.

Por desgracia para uno de ustedes... es un asesino que está destinado a atacar.

¿Será el capitán del equipo de matemáticas que ahora es un mago de las finanzas con millones?
El valedictorio que se niega a que nadie lo supere? Siempre.
¿O posiblemente el presidente de la clase que ahora es un aspirante a la presidencia de Estados Unidos?

You’ll have but one night to figure it out and bring the killer to justice in this high school reunion murder mystery party. Get ready for a night of mystery and mayhem intertwined with rivalries from the past that spill over to the present. At Murder High, it’s not only what you were, but what you’ve become. And let’s hope it’s a survivor.

Será una reunión que no olvidará... ¡si vive para contarlo!

El reparto

*Note that the cast listed below is provided only to give an idea of the types of roles available in this high school reunion murder mystery party, and not presented in any order relevant to the plot. 
No todos los miembros del reparto están incluidos en todas las versiones.

Nick Nixon

The Class President

Nick led the class in 1985 and hopes to lead the country in 2012. Does this presidential candidate have too many skeletons in the closet?

Nancy Nixon

The Class Vice President

Nancy has always been known to stand by her man, but is she tired of always being put on the back burner…?

Joe Nebraska

The Jock

As the captain of the football, basketball and baseball team, Joe is a legend at Murder High and in his own mind. Joe has said he will do anything to become a legend at the reunion as well.

Natalie Nebraska

The Cheerleader

Popular and perfect, everyone loves her. Or so she thinks.

Pamela Abdul

The Pompom Captain

The queen of dance in high school, Pamela went on to great stardom in choreography. She is said to be back to spice things up, especially with her old rivals.

Mallory Majesty

The Prom Queen

With Mallory’s wealth and good looks, she is accustomed to ALWAYS getting her way and she will make sure that the reunion is no different.

Mike Majesty

The Prom King

Bobbie Bright

The Valedictorian

Steve Spielson

Audio Visual Squad Leader

Myra S. Keaton

The Math Team Cheerleader

Sally Sax

Marching Band

Cindy Crawfish

The Class Flirt

Molly Ringworm

The Drama Queen

Randy Reporter

Newspaper Editor

Terry Johnson

Hall Pass Monitor

B.A. Barricade

The Punk

Judd Jenson

The Class Stud

Bailey Babble

The Class Gossip

Byron P. Keaton

The Math Team Captain

Danny Drums

Marching Band

Escenarios del crimen

A picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at actual high school reunion murder mystery party events hosted by our customers. 


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