Once Upon A Murder on New Year's Eve - Party of the Month!

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We hosted our fourth Murder Mystery party this year with the best turn out yet!

The Once Upon A Murder theme was one to get real creative with, we had 

  • An enchanted forest room
  • A wishing well
  • The outside of the castle with a dungeon like hallway leading to the Grand Ballroom

It was the most fun we’ve had, and all our guests brought their A-games.

A game with costumes and performances, to make it such a fun time.

I wish I took more pictures and even video because it was an exciting play of events, definitely one for the books.

I’m sure everyone will be talking about it for months! We are planning to make these an annual thing, and can’t wait for our next one! 

Thank you Night of Mystery for supplying all the tools to host well.

Happy New Year!

Katie Doerrler
Party of the Month Winner

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¡Noche de fiestas misteriosas!

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