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We had the best murder mystery party at our Murder at the Juice Joint! Our 25 guests all dressed to the best and knew their bees-knees. Everyone played their roll to the tee and had such a great time. The story line was great and had a unique dialogue that each guest could interact with.

Some details:

Our front entrance with decked out with a closed sign and wood boards, along with “Beer, Beer, Beer” picket signs and caution tape.

We turned our garage into a smokey gambling hall, completed with brick interior, booze boxes (thanks for the labels!), roulette and much more! It had a disguised library entryway and was where the murder happened.

We had a fully stocked bar (can’t be a juice joint without a bunch of booze, duh!) my husband (and co-host) was the bartender and made everything from our “killer cocktail” menu while accepting brides and extorting information. I was Rosie and ushered (with the help of Cy) everyone into the “tea parlor” (our disguise) with the password “noodle juice“.

Our menu was simply the best with caprese skewers, pesto tortellini skewers, charcuterie and a peach gin fizz fountain.

We also had a jail with a suspect’s photo-opp. We made wanted signs of all our guests, who loved that custom element. We also made sure our party music was straight from the 20s.

Thank you for all the additional party materials! We appreciate the opportunity to bring our friends back together for a roaring good time! We would love nothing more to be able to do this again (I already have my eye on that trailer park muder) and hope to be considered for a free party!

All the best,

Rosie Marie and Gino Gin

(Melanie and Patrick Swick)

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¡Noche de fiestas misteriosas!

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