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I run the women’s ministry at our church and I purchased Killing for the Crown to do as a women’s event. I loved that Night of Mystery gave the option to have a mystery for a large group of just women and a clean version. It really was perfect for us!

We were expecting maybe 20-30 women to show interest in the event, but we ended up having almost 60! Me and my team worked on planning and assigning characters for over a month. We put allot of work into it, but it was such a huge success! Everyone had a great time.

We also gave the option of allowing observers/ “attendees” to attend the Pre Pageant Party (for those not comfortable playing a character). So we had a few that were able to just sit back and watch the mystery unfold.

It was such a great evening! Thanks so much!

Cheryl Ferguson

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¡Noche de fiestas misteriosas!

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