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Greetings Night of Mystery!

Just wanted to let you know that last year’s Halloween murder mystery dinner was a total blast and great success! Thank you very much for supplying the tools. I am getting ready to purchase this year’s script, Murder at the Deadwood Saloon and recall seeing there was some kind of coupon for sharing your experience and photos.

We hosted Dracula’s 500th Birthday outdoors on a perfect Las Vegas October night. The Feetloaf was to DIE for! We even requested a guest bring garlic mashed potatoes as a side dish not realizing Dracula’s severe allergy to garlic! Sabotage? Perhaps, but Dracula put on a great show after shoveling copious amounts of mashed spuds down his gullet. He’s such a drama queen, nothing a little Pepcid can’t cure!


The victim ended up being our drunkest friend and never understood when to notify the host they were the victim, really extending the night by an hour. Soon after I gave them a talking to, they dropped to the ground, cigarette in hand and eventually died :::sigh:::.

A memorable night indeed. Let’s do it again!

Thanks again!

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