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I’m emailing to tell you about our epic party with Night of Mystery – murder in margaritaland. We had 10 guests and had a blast. Everything went off without a hitch.

The home location was totally revamped to provide a luau feel at “margaritaland resort”. The event took place outdoors and in providing many spaces for mingling, blackmail and strategic sleuthing.
We served Chicken and ground turkey at a nacho bar with all the delicious toppings – food and beverage areas encouraged  luau vibes.
All characters were in full character mode accomplishing objectives and carrying out duties. Only one guest uncovered the real murderer! There was a tie for best dressed and awards were given for most money and best performer!
Our event took 3 hours from start to finish and was filled with laughs and all were entertained!!! It was a successful adventure that we cannot wait to do again!
The decor, luau vibes, characters/ costumes, food and beverage made this party ROCK! We thank you Night of Mystery!
Emma Kopitzke

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