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We spent way too much money, and spent way too much time on this, but we had such a good time with the Western theme the year before, we had to find a way to top it this year.  So we decided to have an archery and jousting tournament BEFORE the actually Murder Mystery started. We had to create another envelope for our guests to include steps on what to do since we added this our self, so we had 3 envelopes for each person.  We had 3 knights compete in the tournament.  We had to make sure the proper knight won the tournament, or else the rest of the murder mystery would not have lined up properly, so we had fun with making sure the correct knight one, including making an EXTRA large bullseye for the archery tournament, and letting the king know beforehand that he has the final say and he should make sure that knight won regardless of the outcome. Luckily the king didn’t have a hard decision as the correct knight actually did win!  For the jousting tournament, I used a zip line with a toy horse head attached to it, created a jousting stick, and setup rings along the path that they had to spear with the joust.  This was quite hilarious to watch as they all failed miserably!  But made for great entertainment! Pictures from the party are below!

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