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On March 3rd, I hosted a Night of Mystery for my 27th birthday party. As soon as the invites went out, we were all counting down the days until the party! It was an absolute blast and a humongous success.I am so thrilled with the package – it gave me everything I needed but it still gave me plenty of options and opportunities to make the night my own.                We live in CT and a number of the male guests work for Asplundh tree removal (my husband included) and could not make the party due to emergency shifts as a result of Winter Storm Riley. That was very disappointing but my friends and I were determined not to let that bring down our night that we had worked so hard on! My husband was able to make it at the end of the party for some pictures thankfully. Rosie Marie made a fabulous introduction to the guests and the night started out smoothly. Scott Joplin played softly in the background and Dina Diva was eager to entertain. Drinks remained flowing while the guests mingled and were having what appeared to be light and friendly conversations. As the night went on, it was revealed that many of the conversations were far from light and friendly! Once the lights went out and shots were fired, the aura was nothing but calm! It was a sea of accusations once the investigation was underway. Bernie Booze and Cindy Butt were at the receiving end of most of the (very loud) accusations. Guests worked with and against one another to find the solution. When the murderer was revealed, the entire party was in shock! It was a twist that no one saw coming. I have attached just a few of the MANY pictures that were taken from the fantastic party. Thank  you SO MUCH to A Night of Mystery for putting together such a wonderful Juice Joint package. Everyone absolutely loved it and it will be a night that will be remembered and talked about for years to come!                   ————————————————

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