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A Clueless Murder

Our Classic Whodunnit with a Clue-inspired twist!

**Virtual version available!

An evening filled with murder and mystery as you mourn the late Mr. Boddy.

A known millionaire, Mr. Boddy is a man of great wealth, some of which you hope to gain in inheritance —but only if you are brave enough to attend the reading of his will.
For while foul play was indicated in his death, the killer has yet to be brought to justice… and is likely to strike again!

Was it Mrs. White in the conservatory with the candlestick?
Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the cleaver?
Or perhaps Professor Plum in the parlor with the poison?

As one of the deceased’s confidants or family members, it is your help
that is needed to piece together his mystifying death, all the while avoiding
being the victim of yet another murder at the will reading.

Use caution in considering your involvement in this gathering, for as likely as it is that you will walk away with a great deal of inheritance, you are just as likely to not walk out at all!

SPECIAL NOTE: A Clueless Murder is a mystery adapted from another Night of Mystery party — Murder of a Millionaire. DO NOT PURCHASE if you have played Murder of a Millionaire.

We have a virtual version of this mystery that can be played in an online platform!
– Be sure the “Virtual” button is selected when purchasing.
If looking for a non-virtual game, choose the “In-Person” version

The Cast

*Note that the cast listed below is provided only to give an idea of the types of roles available, and not presented in any order relevant to the plot.
Not all cast members are included in every version.

Miss Scarlet

Mr. Boddy's Ex-Wife

As fiery and feisty as her name suggests, this man-izing ex-wife and business partner of the late Mr. Boddy has had her flings over the years, but can anyone ever really replace her first true love?

Mrs. Peacock

Mr. Boddy's Widow

As Mr. Boddy’s current wife and mother of his three children, Mrs. Peacock has proven more than once you can’t cage a free bird.

Colonel Mustard

Mr. Boddy's Closest Friend

Appearing out of nowhere, Mr. Boddy’s long lost friend has come to honor his confidant’s memory, while others question the colonel’s hidden agenda.



Her service over the years is something that she feels MUST be rewarded.

Monsieur Gray


Born and raised at Mystery Manor, Monsieur Gray’s parents were the maid and butler for the Boddy family. Moody and unassuming, Monsieur Gray isn’t expecting much from Mr. Boddy, for that is what he felt he got through all the years.

Madame Rose

Mr. Boddy's Sister

Madame Rose has been living off of Mr. Boddy’s wealth for years. Can the Madame afford her lifestyle now that Mr. Boddy is gone? Or will it only improve…

Lady Lavender

Mr. Boddy's Eldest Daughter

Mr. White

Mr. Boddy’s Son-In-Law

Mr. Black


Ron Burgundy

Pool Boy

Reverend Green


Ms. Teal

Mr. Boddy’s Daughter

Pierre Pink

Mr. Boddy's Nephew

Chef Tangerine


Officer Indigo


Sam Silver

Art Buyer

Mrs. White

Mr. Boddy’s Daughter

Dr. Orchid

Family Psychologist

Professor Plum


Miss Peach

Personal Assistant

Crime Scenes

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