Murder Mystery Parties: The Perfect Company Party Idea

Are you tired of the same old company party ideas? Do you want to do something different and unique for your employees? Look no further than a murder mystery party!

Company Party Idea

Murder mystery parties are a great way to get your employees excited and engaged in the party. It’s something different from the usual office party where everyone stands around awkwardly making small talk. With a murder mystery party, your employees will have a purpose and something to do throughout the entire event.

One of the best things about murder mystery parties is that it eliminates awkward silences. Everyone will be so focused on solving the mystery and playing their roles that there won’t be any dull moments. It’s a great icebreaker and allows everyone to blend and get to know each other in a fun and interactive way.

Hosting a murder mystery party also shows your employees that you care. You took the time to plan something unique and different for them to enjoy. This kind of gesture goes a long way in building morale and increasing employee satisfaction.

Annual Staff Party Ideas

Not only is a murder mystery event a fun company party idea, but it can also create bonds and improve relationships between your employees. Solving a mystery together requires teamwork and communication, which are essential skills for any workplace. By participating in a murder mystery party, your employees will have a chance to work together and strengthen their relationships.

Great Office Party Games for Large Groups and Small

Lastly, if you are including the spouses and guests of your employees, a murder mystery party is a great way to ensure that everyone feels included. It’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get to know each other in a relaxed and fun environment. And due to the fact that we have versions in all sizes, these are great office party games for large groups and small companies alike!

Here are some important things to think about when throwing a mystery party for your company:

1.Consider the company culture and ensure that the activity aligns with the organization’s values and beliefs. You don’t want anyone to think this company party idea is against the mission, so avoid any offensive or inappropriate activities that could be perceived as insensitive.

Pro tip: Check out Night of Mystery’s website for “clean” versions of activities that are void of references to alcohol, illegal drugs, or extra-marital affairs.

2. Be mindful of any potential sensitivities or triggers that team members may have, and adjust the activity accordingly to ensure that everyone feels included and comfortable participating.

Pro tip: Reach out to Night of Mystery for more information about sensitive and adult topics referenced in specific mysteries that you’re considering purchasing.

3. Consider the group dynamics and ensure that the activity is suitable for everyone
Take into account the personalities and working styles of team members to make sure that all team members feel comfortable and engaged in the activity.

Pro tip: When assigning characters, consider the dynamics of the group and whether you want to mimic the work culture or switch things up for a more enjoyable activity. For example, if you are playing Murder Among the Mateys do you want the boss to play captain of the ship, or do you want the boss to play a more subservient role, like a scallywag or pirate wench?

We have used Night of Mystery for two of our staff holiday parties. We did the “Full Monty” and dressed up and decorated, etc. This company makes the whole thing so easy…templates, instruction, decoration examples, etc. Lots of pictures that we could also follow. Our staff said it was the most fun they have had. We’re so happy to have found this company and see ourselves using it even more often!

Low Budget Office Party Ideas

Low Budget Office Party Ideas

Another great thing about murder mysteries are that they make very exciting low budget office party ideas. Costumes can be made on a budget, the game is affordable, and DIY decorations can be part of the event!

Among The Best Company Event Ideas for Parties

There is no doubt, murder mystery parties are the best company event ideas for parties. It’s something different that can get your employees excited, eliminates awkward silences, shows that you care, improves relationships, and includes everyone. So why not try a murder mystery party for your next company event? Your employees will thank you for it, and you could create a company tradition that will carry on for years to come!​

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