With their high school career coming to an end, the students of Mayhem High find themselves battling it out over grades, popularity, affection, class rankings and what they all have been focused on for years… Who will be awarded the prom king and queen title?

Will it be the class president who is looking to extend his reign past the student council? The pompon captain who has used her moves to land more than a prom court nomination? Or possibly the math team captain who is desperate to make his name in something other than academics.

As the night unfolds, the royalty will be rewarded and an innocent life will be claimed. From the preppie to the punk rocker, the spaz to the stud, the jock to the jilted—all are suspected although only one is to blame. Can you find the culprit in this crazy madness that is filled with neon, naughtiness and narcissistic behavior?

Things you might want to incorporate into your outfit for the whole eighties appeal!

• The “Off the shoulder” look–Inspired by Flashdance

• Jellies sandals–They were plastic. They were noisy. They were hot. • Exercise gear and leg warmers–“Let’s Get Physical” tore up the charts, and people everywhere tore off the layers in favour of spandex and sweatbands and got down with their bad selves. • Teased hair– Perm it, fluff it, hairspray it and then adorn it with chunky clips. • Tight acid or stonewashed jeans– Tight, and we mean tight jeans were all the rage, for both men and women. Bleach was splashed onto the denim to give it a patchy mixture of dark and light colour. Then they were ripped and safety pins added to give the desirable punk/rebel look à la Billy Idol. Throw a mullet on with those pants and you were hot stuff. • Neon • Shirts with a clip on the side– Oversized t-shirts were big. Clipping them up on one side with a chunky plastic clip (make it neon, even better) was even bigger. • Shoulder Pads– For reasons we’ll never understand, the linebacker look was popular back in the day. • Don’t Worry, Be Happy– printed on clothing • Slap bracelets

Find the perfect hairstyle to go with your outfit!

• Feathered, high bangs • Asymmetrical, new wave haircut • The side ponytail– Bubblegum pop and valley girl mallrats popularized this 80s hairstyle to epic proportions. • Crimped hair • The mullet– Mullets may have received a bad rap through the decades, but back in the day … oh … so dreamy. • The rat tail or ducktail

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