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The Party is On, 
Until the Killer is Gone...

Scenes from the Crime

Curious what your murder mystery party would actually feel like? We help you plan it so well you may forget no crime was actually commited!

Halloween Favorite

Terror in Transylvania

A night of terror and turmoil in Transylvania!!


#1 Selling Mystery

Murder at the Juice Joint

A Roaring 20’s Night of Murder and the Mob!


A Classic Favorite

A Clueless Murder

Our classic whodunnit!


Top Seller

Totally Rad 80s Prom Gone Bad

A night of mullets and mystery!


Top Seller

Trailer Park Tragedy

A night of ill-mannered, irresponsible and intoxicated trailer park patrons!


Costume Favorite

A night of buccaneers, booty and bloodshed!

A night of buccaneers, booty and bloodshed!


Ready to Solve a Mystery?

How Our Mysteries Work?

Murder Mystery Party

Choose the Right Mystery

You’re not a criminal mastermind? No problem! We have a guide to help you choose the right murder mystery party for your crowd and the amount of work you want to put in.


Why Night of Mystery

Not all murders are equal. We craft original stories in house, and they include instructions and materials for an easy-to-host party EXPERIENCE!


Download Mystery Materials

You simply download the mystery materials, invite your friends, and follow the simple, easy-to-follow guide of how to set-up and run your own murder mystery party.

How to Play

1) Guests arrive at the party

2) Host reads out intro

3) Guests receive objectives and start mingling & sleuthing.


5) Guests get more objectives and continue sleuthing.

6) Investigator presents evidence.

7) Murderer is revealed!!!

8) A KILLER TIME is had!

That's it! No pencils.
No scripts. No complicated process.

Headline Murders

Spooky Party Ideas At Home

Spooky Party Ideas

Spooky Party Ideas While some folks think that a few cobwebs and flickering lights make for spooky party ideas, a true master of mysteries knows

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