Cruising for Murder (clean)

All aboard for an arousing adventure!

All aboard for an arousing adventure filled with
peculiar passengers and conspiring crewmembers.

After a luxurious week at sea, all those onboard the Mystery of the Seas are ready for a night of romance and intrigue at the Captain’s Cocktail Reception—an extravagant affair to top all others.

Adrift on the ocean, there is no better place to escape your troubles…or for a murderer to strike.

Could the killer be the commanding captain who has found his personal life out of control? A seething spouse who has discovered the dastardly deception of their darling? Or possibly a conniving contestant who will do anything to be crowned ambassadress by the cruise line?

Trapped at sea, no one is safe and everyone is a suspect. As secrets are revealed, everyone’s innocence will come into question as the assassin tries to appear angelic. Sharpen your sleuthing skills, for that’s what you will have to rely on to call out the killer!

Check your baggage and set sail for a sinuous night of
secrets, scandals and seafaring scoundrels.




Captain Stubling — Captain. With the captain’s daughter aboard this voyage, the captain has more to worry about than where the ship is sailing.

Charlie Charge — Cruise Ship Director. Concerned for their own career advancement, Charlie needs to make sure the ship’s entertainment goes exactly as they plan. Exactly.

A.J. Service — Purser. In charge of guest relations, A.J. has grown close to a number of the passengers, but are their dealings legitimate?

Candy Cann — Showgirl. As a seasoned entertainer, Candy is skilled not only in the art of theatrics, but also in deceit.

Tom Collins — Head Barman. Tom is accustomed to complying with many requests, but there is a line that even Tom won’t cross. Or will he?

Margarita Rocks — Cocktail Waitress. Out to prove she can do more than serve drinks, Margarita may have to get ruthless before she can get promoted.

Chaplain Love — Chaplain. As the ship’s moral compass, this holier-than-thou religious leader uses his insight and his position to not only listen to the secrets of others, but to act on them!

Buddy Call — Towel Boy. Skilled in towel folding and flattery, Buddy will do just about anything for money. Where that money goes, only Buddy knows.

Dexter Handly — Deckhand. In charge of many vital, behind-the-scenes details, Dexter is one who often gets overlooked… and has a way of using that to his advantage.

Officer Bullet — Port Authority. As the primary law enforcement on the boat, Officer Bullet will take control if anything gets out of hand.

Carrie Stubling — Captain’s daughter and passenger. Carrie traveled a long way to get the attention of her father and she will not leave the ship without it!

Dakota Wild — Renowned Travel Critic. Knowing the power of their opinion, Dakota is not afraid to use their influence to help (and hurt) certain individuals.

Jeffrey James — Passenger. As a doting father to Liza, it is hard to say whether Jeffrey’s plans for the cruise were to renew family bonds or build new ones.

Liza Seabring — Passenger. While cruising with her father, Liza’s attention has been focused on other men and how to keep them in her life.

Amanda Rebound — Passenger. Recently divorced, Amanda is determined to create a new life and will let nothing get in her way!

Wanda Wed — Passenger. While Wanda booked the cruise as an anniversary present to her husband, she may have gotten more than she bargained for.

Wilbur Wed — Passenger. Celebrating their anniversary, Wilbur has a many surprises in store for his wife. And a few she won’t see coming.

Penny Drop — Ambassadress Contestant. Aboard the ship in hopes of being awarded a spokesperson, Penny will use her beauty, her charm and her connections to gain an advantage at any cost.

Kristy Marie — Ambassadress Contestant. A vicious competitor, Kristy’s strategy relies not only on promoting herself, but exploiting others.

Samantha Simpson — Ambassadress Contestant. After threats of elimination, Samantha has a lot to prove if she wants to win the competition.

To get your Cruising For Murder "Extras"
click on the pictures below for:  
Costumes Accessories Decorations

• When the guests arrive, have them enter the house along a gangway. You can lay down planks that lead to the doorway or you can simply use cardboard and paint it to look like planks. Use small poles and rope to line the entrance as they’re making their way aboard.

• Scatter blue cellophane along the walkway to make water. You could even make cut-outs of fish to lay across the cellophane or make shark fins out of cardboard to have rising from the water.

• In the front garden put anchors, a ships wheel, with perhaps some fishing nets, toy ships and plastic fish.

• Greet guests in cruise ship style with a life preserver arch and lots of balloons in red, white and blue. Perfect for a photo-op.

• Place a sign at the entrance that reads, "Welcome to the Mystery of the Seas”

• As guests walk in hand out shell necklaces shell necklaces to the ladies and nautical hats to the gents.

• When the guests arrive to the party, have their passports stamped as they make their way in.

• Use lots of directional signage to guide everyone through the party, "This way to…" Purser. Galley. Lounge. Casino. Sun Deck. Golf deck. Swimming Pool.

• Decorate the bar area in sleek style with lots of votive candles, fresh flower bouquets, and serve lifesavers candies in silver dishes.

• Cut out waves out of large blue paper and cover with blue cellophane then attach to the bar and hang string lights behind so it sparkles.

• Use crisp white linens and blue skirts, crystal glasses, white plates and silver chargers.

• For centerpieces, place ice buckets with champagne or wine and silver balloons coming off. Then, use shimmery cellophane to fill the bucket. Surround the centerpieces with assorted sea shells and lit white votive candles.

• Cut the center out of paper plates to make Porthole windows to place on the walls. You can paint the paper plates black or silver. You could even use actual pictures of the sea to add to the mood.

• Make different areas throughout the house such as an observation deck, a lounge bar or even a casino room where the guests can play games.

• Arrange the food along a table and ring a bell when it’s time to eat, inviting everyone to dine at the Captain’s table.

• Set out menus featuring a fake logo of the cruise ship. Serve seafaring food like grilled fish skewers and oysters and prawns.

• Drape tables with fish netting fish hooks and anchors (which can easily be made of heavy duty aluminum foil twisted and formed into shapes) and seashells.

• Menu may be served in large seashells rather than traditional plates.

• A long row of light brown sugar along the center of the table makes great 'sand' onto which sugar cookies imprinted with an appropriately sized sea shell can be placed, has a great decorative but edible element.

• Anchors, nautical flags, lamps, cruise posters, white rope, votive candles (it is fun to turn the lighting down for atmosphere) are all decorations that will work somewhere in your plan, either on the dining tables or the buffet.

• Tie lengths of white rope or cord (not too thin) around the napkins (contrasting color is best...sea blue...perfect.)

Make it a Buffet! Cruise ships are well-known for their sumptuous buffets. Serve a buffet to your guests to keep with the cruise ship theme. (This will allow you to make any fare you choose!)

Serve Up Some Seafood! While cruising on the ocean, why not try a menu filled with seafood?
Click on the menu items below to find recipes.
Angel hair pasta with shrimp and basil
Shrimp cocktail
Crab cakes
Seafood stir fry
Flounder with crabmeat stuffing
Find a number of seafood recipes here

A few other ideas to add a little nautical flare to your food:
• Many cruise ships have ice sculptures to decorate their buffets, so you can add these for a touch of authenticity.

• Serve tropical drinks like pina coladas and daiquiris that tend to be associated with cruises, vacations and tropical destinations.

• Make blue jello with gummy fish floating in it.

• Serve Goldfish crackers, submarine sandwiches, Swedish fish, Dole Pineapple Fish (they are pre-cut in the can), fish fruit snacks or cookies made with a fish-shaped cookie cutter to accentuate your nautical experince.

• Serve punch out of a large punch bowl and add a floating toy sailboat on top.

• If cake is the dessert of choice, a simple and sweet cake is as easy as this! Frost a double layer round cake with light beige frosting. Sprinkle big grain brown sugar over it - a striking resemblance to sand! You can then add some doll beach chairs and umbrellas, or just a few plastic seagulls to keep it simple.

Lounge Music. Since the Captain’s Cocktail Reception will be a formal event, you can order a nice cd of lounge music here.

Waves Lapping and other Seaside Sound Effects. You may want to have the sound of waves lapping playing when your guests walk to the entrance (up your gangway), if any part of your party is outside, or just in general. You can also look for sound effects with a ship horn blowing, seagulls, etc. You can find free sound effects here to download.

Make a mix of music about sailing, cruising and the open water. Here are some ideas for songs for your mix.
Love Boat Theme
Come on Down to My Boat – Every Mother’s Son
Rock the Boat- Hues Corporation
Boat Drinks – Jimmy Buffet
Sea Cruise- Frankie Ford
Where The Boat Leaves From – Zac Brown Band
Sailing Away- Styx
Lovely Cruise - Jimmy Buffet
Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)- Enya
Sloop John B - Beach Boys, Kingston Trio
Sailing - Rod Stewart
Sailing – Christopher Cross
Shipbuilding – Elvis Costello
Sail On – Crawler
Sail Away – Randy Newman
Ship To Shore – Chris DeBurgh
Sail Away – The Temptations
My Ship – Tavares
 Son of a Sailor – Jimmy Buffet
Sail on Sailor – Beach Boys
I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home - Grand Funk
Rhythm Of My Heart - Rod Stewart ("Where the ocean meets the sky, I'll be sailing")
Ship of Fools - Erasure
Ships - Barry Manilow
Sailing On The Seven Seas - O.M.D.
Big Ship - Freddie McGregor
26 Miles (Santa Catalina)  - The Four Preps

To find free music, see your local library.

Provide an assortment of accessories to help your guests "get into character" include items such as: sailor hats, fake jewelry, feather boas, bow ties, beaded necklaces, etc.

Email us with your ideas and suggestions and we will gladly add them.


Deluxe Mini Captain Hat (Adult)

Captain Hat

Airplane Pilot Adult Hat

Captain Adult Costume

Ladies Pink Floppy Sun Hat

The Love Boat Julie McCoy Cruise Director Adult Costume

Cruise Cutie Plus Adult Costume

Cruise Cutie Adult Costume

Bartender Adult Costume

The Love Boat Isaac The Bartender Adult Costume

Bartender Adult Holster

Mardi Gras Vest

Brothel Babe Adult Costume

Birthday Surprise Adult Costume

Satin Top Hat Adult Black

Short Pink Gloves

Black Feather Hair Clip

Burlesque Dancer Adult Costume

Showgirl Adult Costume

Kona (Silver Glitter) Adult Shoes

Patent Mary-Jane (Red Glitter) Adult Shoes

Gold Sequin High heel Adult Shoes

Layered Tulle (Black) Petticoat

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Lady Maverick Plus Adult Costume

Rhinestone Bracelet Elastic

Mardi Gras Boa

Boa, 6 Feather
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Pinup Wig - Auburn

Clapboard for Movie Director

Vintage Hollywood Wig

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A Night They Won't Soon ForgetWhat a fantastic night!!! To start off with, I couldn't be happier with how put together everything was! The "package" for the murder mystery was perfect! it does take some time to sort everything out into their appropriate envelopes and…

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8-12 3-4 male, 4-6 female, 1-2 neutral $40
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15-20 5-6 male, 8-9 female, 2-5 neutral $55
20+ 5+ male, 8+ female, 2+ neutral $75
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