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Sin City Greatness

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Sin City Greatness

Postby bpelly » Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:54 am

This party could not have been any better. Seriously. . . . it has been some time since this was hosted and people still rave at how much fun they had!
Our house was completely transformed to host this party.
The garage was the casino area. We played Left, Right, Center as well to really get the cash flowing.
The outside pool area was for the bar. We had it set up using an old book shelf and a table for the guests. It was a great mingling area.
In the kitchen we had so much food that you could feed an Army for a week.
The chapel was held in the kitchen area using the entry-way arch and the piano lounge was in the living room complete with a disco ball.
The performing stage was built using pallets. Elvis really enjoyed himself here!

Tips for those hosting this party: Do not be worried about people enjoying themselves. It really is a great game and you can easily decorate on any budget. We played casino games all night and no one was bored- even those with small parts felt included.

I recommend this game to anyone! Really! The characters are great and the story line is just the best.
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