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Murder at the Juice Joint Halloween 2016

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:27 am
by agrimm0723
For Starters...This Murder Mystery was fantastic!!

This was my first time hosting a Murder Mystery and each of my guests first time attending a Murder Mystery and I am so happy on the amazing turnout! I started planning this 2 months ahead as I had to turn an entire mechanics garage into my Lavish Speakeasy. My husband did great building Whiskey Barrels, putting up with brick walls throughout his garage and me pretty much taking over every single inch of this garage. After 2 months of working on all the props and decorating, it was worth every second! Night of Mystery thought of EVERYTHING! Included the mystery itself, props and ideas on how to make it a success. Our guests carried on a facebook message for the entire 2 months all building on each others characters and by the time the party came everyone was in complete character! The costumes, the 20's slang, the props and the music made this so much fun! NOT ONE person guessed the correct killer as this Mystery has so many fascinating angles. Our bouncer also became our gambling dealer, our Hollywood producer proposed a sing off for a position in the upcoming movie, our bartender stayed in character the entire time and made some amazing drinks, The Charleston was done throughout the night and most of our guests participated in our dance-off. This party is perfect for those creative minds who crave an interesting story! We are looking to make this an annual tradition and are hoping that Night of Mystery comes up with more great themes so we can continue this tradition for years to come! If you're considering doing Murder at The Juice Joint for your own party, it will NOT disappoint.