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Murder High Reunion

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Murder High Reunion

Postby sigma746 » Mon Oct 26, 2015 6:26 am

This was a great murder mystery to have. This is our 6th murder mystery. It is the 2nd Night of Mystery. I can honestly say that these are my favorite because you can alter the amount of guests and buy the different packages. The design of the mysteries helps it run smoothly. We had guests dress in 80s style clothing. We made the school colors and mascot match our kids' school so that we could use their supplies (ie pom poms, megaphones, clothing, etc). I bought posterboard and put up the schedule of events, created a hashtag to use for social media and also put a list of characters up that included the character name, guest name and a blurb about the character next to a photoshopped picture of the guests face on an 80s school yearbook picture or celebrity photo I found online. It was classic!

We started out the night with an 80s trivia quiz show game so that guests could earn extra money. They also earned extra money by meeting certain categories (came first, brought a dish, sewed a costume, bought a costume in a bag, etc). I went to the dollar store and bought several picture frames. In those, I put various 80s pictures of toys, celebrities, movies, top 100 lists (movies, tv shows, songs), murder high photos, etc. I hung silver and red stars around the rooms from the ceiling and hung black, white, and red streamers as well. I put various props around the rooms such as pom poms, megaphones, stuffed tigers, etc to give it that ambiance. I had an 80s playlist of music. I gave every guest a composition book with their name on it. I put three envelopes in them. One in the front had Objectives A in it. The one in the middle had Objectives B in it. The one in the back was for their money. The composition books were tied with red ribbon and had a pen attached. I painted wine glasses as favors for each of the women and beer mugs for the men. I put various 80s images on them such as Madonna, Bon Jovi, Rubiks Cube, slang words, movies, etc. Everyone brought food/beverage to share. I had a chocolate fountain for people to enjoy.

I tried to color them different color stems/handles so they were easily told apart so everyone could find their glass. We moved the table so there could be dancing. We added a buzz word game. I chose the first buzz word, "drink." Anytime someone said the buzz word, they had to wear an oversized clock necklace and shout "Flava Flav." The person that caught them using the buzz word or any conjugation of the word, they received $100 from that player. The person that had to wear the clock then was able to pick the new buzz word. After the voting, I gave each person in the categories a candy prize. For the "victim," they got a prize of Swedish Fish since they were now sleeping with the fishes. For the "murderer," they received candy cigarettes since they were going to need those where they were going. For the dressed to kill, they won hot tamales. For the drama queen, they won starburst. For the money bags, they won hundred grand bars.
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