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We Had a Blast!

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We Had a Blast!

Postby sked » Thu Nov 17, 2016 2:02 pm

We were really glad to have a long weekend! What would we do? We decided to do another murder mystery from My wife and I graduated from high school in the 80s, and the 80s prom theme looked like a great idea!

Our group included people from 10 years old up to over 50, and we all loved it! We are especially glad that we can count on Night of Mystery to give us appropriate parties when we order a clean version.

Doing an 80s party was a really fun way to re-live our youth. My son and daughter actually learned some things about what life was like in the 80s. We discussed my theories about the philosophy behind the decade of the 80s. I made a playlist of 80s music for background to the party, and my kids learned they love many of the same songs I do.

There were 23 of us who had parts. Some of us had done mysteries before, and others hadn't. One of our friends had done 5, but this person was especially thrilled at the end because it was their first time to play the part of the murderer! Four people won the prize for super sleuth.

We had some great costumes! Seeing our friends decked out in 80s style brought lots of double takes and smiles!

I would recommend this party for anyone looking for a fun activity. We'll definitely be doing another mystery before too long.
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