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Happily NeverAfter Girl Scout Event

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Happily NeverAfter Girl Scout Event

Postby mpatriquin » Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:09 am

Our 8th grade Cadette troop hosted this event for the girl scout troops in town (5th grade and up) and had over 50 guests.

We asked the leaders how many roles their troop needed and how many lead roles they hoped for. We divided the lead roles between the troops. The roles were given to the leaders and they assigned them to the girls in their troop. Upon arrival, the leader was given all the A and B envelopes for their troop and they were in charge of distributing them. Younger girls attending for the first time were given general roles and worked together to solve the mystery. You could not ask for a better event to work on "mingling" and other social skills!

Keeping within our girl scout troop low budget, it was held in a church hall which we decorated as a castle with items from thrift stores. We used gold tablecloths as curtains, and placed flower bouquets and gold trimmed mirrors around. Twinkle lights and tulle was an added to the party theme.

Light refreshments were available.

Anytime there was "downtime" like counting ballots, our troop lead dances like the "cotton eyed joe" and "macarana".

This was our first murder mystery party we hosted, and troops LOVED dressing up, acting their parts, dancing and being with their friends.
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