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Oh, What A Circus ! Unbirthday March 17

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Oh, What A Circus ! Unbirthday March 17

Postby CalicoMax » Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:34 am

Roll up, roll up, to hear about our third annual nightofmystery un-birthday party here in the suburbs of drizzly Birmingham.

With a little luck, Ross – the Mister Mystery himself – will upload our wonderful ‘photos and you will see:

Our wonderful Big Top fashioned from several sheets, pins, clips string and… balloons. And more balloons. And yet more balloons. And still more. About 200 blown up over the preceding week - but it was worth it.

The other success in the scene-setting was straw on the floor. Not much of a chore to sweep up afterwards, and gratefully fetched by a chicken keeping guest the next day.

Sloppy Joe kept the guests supplied with the finest pulled pork baps and jacket spuds this side of the herring pond.

The popcorn in traditional striped boxes went down a treat – when it wasn’t going down the front of Ruby’s comedy trousers.

Boomer Jackson – a vision is scarlet and face paint – walked off with the Dressed to Kill award. Ruby the Clown – comedy flowers to the fore – walked off with the Drama Queen award. And quite a few of us walked off with Nick Dagger’s money as he was foolish enough to leave it on show.

Agent Swift flashed his badge. Ricky Mammal, our photographer, flashed his bulbs. Robert Flyer – suave in a singlet – flashed his thighs.

The wine flowed. The sequins glowed. The successful detectives crowed.

Roll on, roll on, roll on next year’s party.
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