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Big Top Girl Scout Party

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Big Top Girl Scout Party

Postby mpatriquin » Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:29 am

This was our second Murder Mystery party our troop hosted for the troops in our town. It takes a bit of lead time to get it all coordinated with a large number of guests.

We distribute the lead roles and supporting roles to each leader and have them assign the roles to their troop members. Upon arrival, the leaders are given the A and B envelopes to pass out to their troop.

It was held in a church hall where we used colored vinyl table clothes as big top curtains and found circus items from thrift stores. We have water and light refreshments available (pretzels and grapes).

We played circus music in the background and lead line dances while ballots were counted.

The murder mystery party is a really fun event and the guests had a lot of fun with the characters and costumes.
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