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A party that people were dying to get into!

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A party that people were dying to get into!

Postby Marshall DG » Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:21 pm

Deadwood party people were dying to get into!

We all came on down for a bang up night!
As the festivities of the poker tournament reach their conclusion, the final two rounds of the runner-up tournament and a celebration party was planned at the Deadwood Saloon to award the booty for the tournament. We also were a’celebratin’ what was a very financially successful venture for our li'l "ace in the hole".

With a smattering of bandits, bankers, saloon girls , sheriffs, gamblers, east coast debutantes, and, of course, a few of the locals including the preacher and his wife, this night was guaranteed to be a very interesting evening indeed. We all put on our fancy duds, spiffiest hair case and chit-kicking boots,
and brought those barkin irons, high falutin' attitutes & tasty vittles and took pleasure in a frolickin' night on the town at The Deadwood Saloon!

We had a few last minute cancellations, added a few fast modifications to assign characters to each one brave enough to come to our doggery and possibly become dead meat – or even be the one to bed ‘em down. First prize of $100,000 in gold nuggets was set to be awarded to the top player in the tournament, and the last two wild card rounds were played for the runner up prize of $10,000 in pure silver coins. Honky-tonk piano music in the background, bodacious flirting in the foreground, characters flowing, good ol’ fashioned fun was had by all!
We had dogs-n-beans to eat, and cow juice and sarsaparilla to drink. The bar only served non-alcoholic apple jack and refreshments in order to keep the guests safe and sane and eliminate any need for airin' the paunch. Deals were made, sneakiness was done and discovered. Due to the serious nature of the event, no accommodations were made for li'l rascals under 12.

Thar was a prize to be had for the one whose bee in the bonnet matched the marshall’s findings and kept that varmint from slidin’ their belly through the brush! Also awarded were some top prizes for those dressed to kill, the character that best played out the drama, and the best at manipulating and bribery.
A first-rate experience was enjoyed by all, and many requested a return visit for another chance at the game sometime in the future.
Marshall DG
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