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Homecoming 1978

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Homecoming 1978

Postby nmcclure » Thu Jun 26, 2014 7:13 am

We had hosted several murder mysteries at our home in CT, but had been on hiatus since we moved back to PA a few years ago. We finally felt we had found the right group of friends and decided to resume the festivities. For our inaugural party, we selected Horror at Homecoming and set in the year 1978.

For invitations, I made formal homecoming dance invitations with powder blue and pearl cardstock (the theme was "Under the Stars" as well as dance tickets (I made sure the right names were on the right tickets according to game play as well). The invitations and tickets were placed inside a packet with the character descripton and the Mayhem High newsletter. I also reorganized this to reflect the characters who where actually coming to the party, etc. and added some school spirit graphics. We also maintained a facebook page for an initial invite that went out months in advance (since it is so important to have the right amount of people, we put the call out really early so people can mark their calendars). In the weeks leading up to the party, I would post youtube videos of movies, songs, news items, etc. from 1978. My husband worked tirelessly on a playlist for the night of the party making sure that NO music released AFTER 1978 was played and that the music most closely resembled what would have been played at a high school dance.

For our "stage," we transformed our garage into a high school gymnasium. We used duct tape to create a basketball half court and hung a basketball hoop on one end of the room. The night before, our neighbors helped us to make several "school spirit" posters advertising school clubs (we made those up), the homecoming game, and homecoming election posters for several of the characters. We hung Christmas lights across the ceiling to go with our dance theme. Our pride and joy was the portrait backdrop. A friend drew a huge moon on plywood that my husband cut out. We spray painted it gold and hung it in front of a blue backdrop of streamers along with some gold stars. Everyone had their picture taken as they arrived.

Even our food went along with our theme. I did some research on popular party food in the 1970s and settled on pigs in a blanket, gutless rumaki, and velveeta cheese dip. We did two punch bowls that had been spiked :) One was full of Harvey Wallbangers and the other with Screwdrivers. We threw in a half sheet cake for good measure (I got some interesting looks when I asked them to write Class of 1978 on it!)

I get pretty involved in the party and made some painstakingly detailed props. I created actual props for the evidence, going so far as to create a label for the steroids (prescribed by Dr. Heinz Wuschech who was the doc who provided the East German swim team with their goods...)

We had some pretty impressive costumes and most people stayed in character well after the mystery was solved. We had a blast and can't wait to get going on the next party!
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