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Margaritaland's Mystery: A Fabulous Murder

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:06 pm
by CMR
To celebrate my birthday, my husband and I decided that murder would be the way to go. Surrounded by 14 of our closest friends and confidants, we turned up the slow jams throw-back reggae on the sound system and broke out the blenders for margaritas and more. Before diving into the mystery because we were waiting for a late-arriving couple, we played Inquiry Isle, a trivia game I prepared with categories like Flowery Spells (players had to spell the names of tropical flowers) and That Other Margarita Place (players had to know the lyrics to Jimmy Buffet songs). After two rounds and 40 questions, Jack of All Trades headed up by Tatum Tatt defeated The Millionaires headed up by Thurston Howard. Then the mystery began. There was much bribery happening for what seemed like no apparent reason. Bindy Barkeep kept harping on Jack Daniels to take more of a bartending role, and that only led to the blender twice leaking all over the rest of the bar. No worries! A few beach towels to sop up the mess, and we were back in action. Most of the ladies were flaunting their feminine charms to garner information. Most of the men crowded around the barbeque, spilling secrets unwittingly. As Sgt. Lord, I crept around, writing down anything I overheard while BJ Bellhop did the same. After a meal and a murder--dun dun DUN--more bribes came about, and among all the chaos, Margie Mooner photographed everyone to capture their tropical charm. A few hours passed by in what seemed like minutes as the warm weekend afternoon turned into a chilly evening, partially because autumn was on approach, but also because, murder! In the end, only one guest guessed whodunnit correctly because it was just so tricky!!, Candy Cotton won best dressed, and Sgt. Lord--yours truly--appeared to be the crookedest cop in town, having the most money at the end of the evening. If I could, I'd do this every single weekend. Thanks so much for a wonderful time!