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OCTOBER 2016 80s Prom Murder Mystery

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OCTOBER 2016 80s Prom Murder Mystery

Postby mrmystery » Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:38 pm

My friends and I had a group of 12 people, and we ordered the Totally
Rad 80s Prom Gone Bad mystery for 10-15 people. It was awesome! We
had the party at a friend's house, and had a prom pictures area set up
in her office, which opened out to the living room where the "dance
floor" was. We made a Pacman wall hanging, and she even had Nintendo
games out for people to play. The extras included in the pack were
really helpful. The 80s thought bubbles were taped onto neon cutouts
I found at a dollar store, and used in the photo area. In addition to
using the cupcake toppers, I made a cupcake stand by hot gluing
together records & cassettes I found at Goodwill (three cassettes to
form the middle part inbetween the records). I also went onto the
Yearbook Yourself website & created a yearbook page of all of us.
Definitely thinking about hosting another murder mystery!

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