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December 29th, 2012 | Posted by Randi

Last Minute Party Tips!

Whether it is for New Years Eve (2 days away!) or another time, here are a few tips for throwing a “last minute” party!

Sometimes the hardest decision.

Pick a theme that your guests would most enjoy – that is usually the most important part!

Think about
decorations, costumes and props that you may already have to utilize for your party! Have you thrown a “pirate party” for your child's birthday? Had a luau last summer? Were you a flapper for Halloween?

Consider picking one of our themes that has “extras” included. These are pre-designed signs, menus, etc. that help you with decorating. Currently, the mystery themes these are available are:
Some "extras" included with Murder At The Deadwood Saloon party

Think about what decorations and props you can easily get from a local party store
(since you won’t have time to order online).

If costumes are an issue you are worried about, consider one of our themes that requires little costuming and, rather, a nice outfit. These would be:


SAVE TIME and utilize our emailable invitations!
  • You can download a themed invitation here to get an rsvp count.
  • Once ordered, you can email each of your guests complete details – including their character descriptions – from the website!
  • If you are really short on time, you can print out the character descriptions and give them to your guests as they enter.

Keep it Simple!
  • Have everyone bring a dish to share. Have everyone else worry about the food while you concentrate on other hosting duties!
  • Only plan food you can make ahead of time and set out right before people arrive.
  • Buy premade treats, apps, etc from the grocery store and plate it up on your own, festive dishware.
  • Use colored plastic-ware to compliment your theme and pull your food together to give it a festive appeal!

Use the Internet!!!
  • Download the music you think would make a perfect soundtrack from iTunes and burn your playlist to a cd.
  • Stream music from an internet station. There are many themed stations that can fit with your themes. Find a western station for Murder at The Deadwood Saloon. A jazz station for Murder at The Juice Joint
  • Search your local library’s cd collection and reserve the cd’s you would like to play at your party. Reserver online and pick up at your own convenience.

Consider providing a box of props, accessories, etc. that are theme-oriented for your guests to utilize while at the party.
Throwing Murder in Margaritaland? Have a box of leis for your guests as they arrive.
Murder at The Deadwood Saloon? How about some bandanas and/or fake mustaches for the men and feather boas for the ladies?
You get the idea!


No matter what you do, how much you prepare, your guests are certain to have a great time. Sometimes the “last minute” feel adds to the improv powers of your guests and you want to delight in all that enfolds in front of you.

Any more questions or comments, please contact us!