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August 9th, 2012 | Posted by Randi

How a Fantastic Costume Can Help You Get Into Character

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you already love a good murder mystery night, in which case I say congratulations! You are already awesome. Any adults that still manage to actively use their imaginations are truly fantastic in my book. With that in mind, I’m here today to help inspire a little more awesome into your Night of Mystery life.

When preparing for your murder mystery night, your host will have a character list complete with descriptions of the characters. When you receive your invite, you should also receive a description of your character and a basic description of the setting of the mystery. This gives you the perfect opportunity to start preparing to get into character and gathering the perfect costume.

If you aren’t generally theatrically inclined, the idea of staying in character for an entire evening may seem daunting at first. However, what’s most important to remember is that it’s supposed to be fun! Jump in with both feet and remember that everyone else will be doing it right along with you. Fortunately, your costume can be a huge help towards getting into character.

Since every Night of Mystery night is different, the first thing you’ll want to do is look at the setting. Is your night going to bet set in the Roaring ‘20s? On a pirate ship? In the old west? At a totally ‘80s high school reunion? Or even in Ancient Rome? Obviously, this will make a huge difference in not only your setting, but also your character and costume.
For example, if you’re attending a swashbuckling mystery, whether you’re a pirate, a wench, or the governor’s daughter, your costume can absolutely help you get into your character. As a rogue pirate, find an appropriately ruffled shirt, a serious pair of boots, a sword, and don’t forget a truly striking hat. Not only will you look the part, but the props will also give you something to help you find and maintain your character. Maybe you have a parrot on your shoulder that gives away secrets that others would rather remained buried throughout the evening. As the governor’s daughter, you may be corseted up and wearing a dress that’s been buttoned up to your neck, but that doesn’t mean that everything is what it seems. You may be more lascivious underneath than the most brazen of the wenches. It’s up to you to decide what direction you want to take the character you’re given.

Attending a soiree in Ancient Rome? A toga and sandals are absolutely necessary. Traveling to the 1920s? The gents will need a particularly swank suit, complete with moustache while the ladies may need a fab fringed flapper dress and a stylish bobbed wig. Headed to the old west? You may need anything from a head to toe cowboy look, a buttoned to the neck minister’s wife dress, a more brazen saloon girl dress and hair feather, or a regular townsperson outfit like the blacksmith or grocer.

Essentially, whatever your setting and character may be, there is a fantastic costume out there that you’ll be able to put together in order to bring your character to life.
Also, remember that more than just the clothes make the character! A wig or facial hair can make a huge difference in your ability to see yourself as another person. Maybe your character has a horrific scar that embitters him to the rest of the group. Inspiration for your character can come from anywhere so let your imagination run wild.

When you have the pieces of your costume together, put everything on for the full effect.
You’ll be amazed how the outward transformation can really help you feel like a completely new person on the inside as well. With your character details from the game as well as any tidbits you may have added yourself, you will be well on your way to a fantastic night as an entirely new person. I mentioned it before but it’s worth repeating: the most important thing to remember is to have fun! In your new duds, it will be difficult not to.

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