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Parties to Die For

Parties to Die For, A Night of Mystery Blog

April 29th, 2017 | Posted by Randi

Downloadable FREE Save The Dates!

We've all been there. You send out an invitation, only to have some potential guests already committed to other plans. And then to hear that they'd rather be at your shindig, if they'd only known... So what better way to eliminate this than with a simple heads-up as to when your party is going to be?

And Night of Mystery has made it easy for you!

Simply email out one of these AWESOME Save The Dates to let everyone know when your party will be... and let the excitement begin!!!

- If you don't know WHICH party you are going to throw (or you want to poll your guests on the theme), we have created two general mystery party save the dates.

- If you have chosen the theme, simply download the Save The Date for that theme.

- To enter your date (and the host's name, if needed) into the file, open the Save The Date PDF in Acrobat Reader and add in the details! Don't have Acrobat? Download it here for free!

- Want to create even more excitement? Print the images out on cardstock, trim and send through the mail as postcards! In this digital age, who doesn't love getting something FUN in the post?

There you have it! A quick, easy solution to let your guests know ahead of time what is coming down the line AND start the excitement!

Simply download below and START PLANNING TODAY!!! #itsnevertooearlyforasavethedate


General Murder Mystery #1General Murder Mystery #2
{Click on titles to download the Save The Date}

A Knight of Murder    •  Bachelorettes and Bullets  •   Cruising For Murder      •   Horror At Homecoming
{Click on the titles to download}

Ho Ho Homicide     •    Happily Never After      •   Killing For The Crown    •  The Kappa Kappa Killer
{Click on the titles to download}

Lights! Camera! MURDER! •  Murder Among The MateysMurder High ReunionMurder In Margaritaland
{Click on the titles to download}

Murder at the Juice Joint  •  Murder of a Millionaire  •  Murder in Sin City  •  Murder Under The Big Top
{Click on the titles to download}

Murder at The Deadwood SaloonOnce Upon A MurderTill Death Do Us PartTerror in a Toga
{Click on titles to download the Save The Date}

Totally Rad 80s Prom Gone Bad  •  Totally Gay 80s Prom Gone Bad
{Click on titles to download the Save The Date}


** Yes, we are aware that our Save the Date and Invite designs are very similar. ;) But we wanted to get them out in time for Halloween and the holidays. Check back for new designs!