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September 5th, 2012 | Posted by Randi

Murder Under the Big Top - a SMASHING success

Every month, we highlight one mystery on our Party of the Month link on our murder mystery message board. This is September's winner!

The new mystery, Murder Under the Big Top, was a smashing success! We had 21 circus characters. We liked how some of the characters could be played by either a male or female since it gave us more flexibility with casting the roles.

Because we had the 20+ character version, we eliminated one ofthe non-essential characters and added on two side acts: Madame Esmerelda, the fortune teller, and Bobo, the gorilla. Madame Esmerelda was a really fun addition and the actress playing her had people pay to get their fortunes read. Bobo was a sidekick to many of the animal performers. If you have more than 20 guests, there are tons of entertaining roles you could make up and add-on, which could really add to the ambiance of your party. What’s a circus without a bearded lady?

We decorated the house with white Christmas lights and paper flags made from colorful scrapbooking paper. We also blew up balloons and put up the circus posters that are downloadable from this website.

For food we served polish sausages, homemade soft pretzels, bright pink frosted cake, circus animal crackers, red vines, and raspberry lemonade. We also borrowed a movie theater popcorn machine and throughout the night people could fill up their popcorn bags and sprinkle on different seasonings.

Rowan, the midway director, set up a carnival game where people had to throw a beanbag at a target for a prize. This was nice because then the guests then had something to keep them occupied when waiting for others to finish their objectives. There are many possibilities for midway games: darts, ring toss, knocking over bowling pins, etc.

Even though we did Murder at the Juice Joint last year, my friends and I preferred the circus theme because we really liked how each of the characters were so unique and we could really be creative with costumes.

We are hoping to make this an annual event and are excited for the next mystery to be solved.

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