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Parties to Die For

Parties to Die For, A Night of Mystery Blog

July 19th, 2012 | Posted by Randi

Fairy Tales Aren't Just For Kids Anymore...

With shows like CBS's Grimm and ABC's Once Upon A Time gaining popularity (ok, we'll admit it, we watch them too!) and the box office turning out movies like Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman - not to mention 10 more slated for this upcoming year - we couldn't help but create a mystery set in fairy tale times!

ONCE UPON A MURDER is a tantalizing tale of treason and treachery in a land far, far away. Set in the kingdom of Happily Ever After, you and yoour guests will be attending the Grand Ball, where Prince Charming will be selecting a new bride after Cinderella's mysterious disappearance last month.

Not just for kids anymore! While you may think of fairy tales as precious and prestine, this one is more like the "original" (read: unedited) fairy tales from our past - where Hansel and Gretel cook the witch or the 3 Bears eat Goldilocks after she trespassed... So buyer beware when selecting the Clean or Original version of this mystery. Not as naughty, the clean version still comes complete with enough blackmailing and backstabbing to suit the most devious (but not devilish) of hearts.

If you are worried about the men not participating - fear not!
We have the most masculine "fairy tale men" you can find. Guys will love playing parts like the ax-wielding woodcutter (think Little Red Riding Hood or 3 Little pigs - he made an appearance in both), the Cassanova of the kingdom (Prince Charming), or perhaps the gigalo of Arabian nights, Aladdin.

While there will plenty of princessly parts for the women; Rapunzel - who is determined to get out of her tower, Gretel - who is looking for love with a dwarf, and Beauty - who will not let ANYONE come between her and her man... or was it a Beast?

Anyway you look at it, this mystery is going to be a
hit with those who want to play out the fairy tales
they read as a child... and then take it a step further!

FOR MORE INFORMATION, you can check out the mystery here.

you can find ideas on costume, decorations, planning food and music, host info galore at www.onceuponamurder.com

ADDITIONALLY, we are always looking for feedback and pictures of the parties, so if you are one of the first 10 hosts to throw the party and submit pictures and feedback for us to use on our site, we will redeem half of your purchase.  We've already got one raving review here!