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Parties to Die For

Parties to Die For, A Night of Mystery Blog

October 15th, 2012 | Posted by Randi


Because we know that many host's favorite part of the process is coming up with all the creative ideas, decorations, food choices, etc. that go along with the murder...
We've decided to highlight all the places and resources we have developed so that YOU can sit back and take all the credit. After all, we know you have good taste, you DID pick our company for your murder mystery party!

Within each mystery there is a  "party tips" page that will give you plenty of ideas on decorations, music, etc.

To find the page, first go to the mystery page you ordered and click on the party tips tab.

Once on the page, be sure to scroll down to see all the ideas!

You can find a plethora of images and descriptions from other hosts who have thrown the party. See what others have done to give you inspiration for your own party!

A number of our parties (but not all) have materials in the packet to help you with ideas on decorations, recipes, planning a menu, etc.called "party extras". These will be ideas that pertain to that theme and include designs, ideas and directions for making decorations or food for that party theme.  Most of them include things like an editable, designed menu, wine bottle awards, signs for the venue, decoration ideas for that particular theme, etc.

These will be listed as "extras" and, while not every mystery has this, it is an added bonus for some like: Check the intro file for the mystery you desire to see if "Party Extras" are included.

We have started to develop websites for each of our mysteries. These websites will have some great ideas and resources for you to look to for inspiration, directions, ideas as well as added host info and guest info! (If you are looking for extra ideas/help in planning a mystery, you might want to pick one of these mysteries!)

Currently,  these are websites we have developed:


If you missed our last post on Pinterest, here is another great resource for party planning. We have developed boards filled with ideas for EACH of our mysteries and you can find them HERE.

So there you have it! A slew of places for you to look to find everything you need to host the perfect murder mystery party -- all tailored to what you want and including some of the best ideas that fit your time, budget, and creative abilities!