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Parties to Die For

Parties to Die For, A Night of Mystery Blog

May 1st, 2012 | Posted by Randi

Costume Contest - 2 more weeks!!!

That's right!!! The contest lives on - 2 more weeks!
This time, with a correct link to send in your photos.

Simply send us your pictures and, if you want, a brief description about why you LOVE this costume.

Was it that it was homemade?

Or that your guest included an extravagant accessory it their presentation?

Or possibly the awesome use of guy-liner that would put anyone to shame?

Whatever it is, let us know. The easiest (and most fun!) way to enter is to post it on our Facebook Event: Costume Contest! Or you can email us a photo here!

Your next party COULD be on us!!!

Contest ends May 15, 2012! Prize = $50 gift certificate to Night of Mystery.com