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Parties to Die For

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September 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Randi

Circus Party Decoration Comment Winner!

 With the release of Murder Under the Big Top, we asked our readers to comment on what decorations they would add to our Murder Under The Big Top Decoration Ideas. 
Here's the one that won!
I have done 4 Night of Mystery parties and I think I'm most excited about the possibilities with Murder Under the Big Top. I think everyone has the idea on circus food. So, I am thinking of decor.
 **For a great, cheap decorating idea: use lots of glow sticks. Most effective is to place them inside of balloons. It definitely provides a colorful circus atmosphere laid out all over the floor.   **Also, my guests always love going home with photographs, so incorporating that into a 'kissing booth' is a fun idea.
 ** Two words: dunk tank. **And finally, for the 'true' circus experience...you have to have a creepy carny walking around. (Thinking I'll invite my dad to come dress up.)
 Thank you, Tanner Fam. We will be emailing you your mystery and look forward to hearing the comments and seeing the pictures from it!