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Parties to Die For

Parties to Die For, A Night of Mystery Blog

September 2nd, 2011 | Posted by Randi

Circus Comment Contest Winner!

With the release of Murder Under the Big Top, we asked our readers to comment on why THEY should be awarded a FREE mystery. 
Here's the one that won!
Ladies and Gentlemen.....children of all ages....Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth! I can hear the Ringmaster's words ringing in my ears. I see the bright, vivid costumes of the performers, lion tamer, clowns and even black heart of our murder all under our red and white big top tent. I can smell the popcorn and peanuts. I see the cotton candy floating by like little pink clouds. How is this possible? We all know that planning a party can be as crazy as a three ring circus, but a party with Night of Mystery is an easy production, but it’s as exhilarating as being shot out of a cannon with tons of confetti! All one needs is a little creativity and a child like imagination! This is the evening I would like to provide to our neighborhood teens at the Halloween party this year. Many of these teens have never had the opportunity to go to the circus, but with Night of Mystery...they will all have the opportunity to BE the circus! Thank you for all of your efforts in providing good, clean fun for our teens! Elizabeth H.
 Thank you, Elizabeth, we look forward to hearing your comments and seeing your pictures from Murder Under The Big Top!
**** If you are interested in winning a FREE copy of this mystery as well, there is still time! Just post comments on our blog about Murder Under the Big Top food ideas or Murder Under the Big Top decoration ideas!

UPDATE: Elizabeth went on to throw her very successful party, you can see all the pcitures and read all about the details HERE!!!